Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144 With Quick And Easy Steps

Resolve QuickBooks Error 6144 With Quick And Easy Steps

The accounting software QuickBooks on Cloud has been designed and developed by Intuit to help the management of business finances at one point. The accounting software is highly popular as it suits the business needs of different small and medium-sized organizations at a reasonable price. In need of any technical help while handling the software the user can easily connect with QuickBooks customer service easily from anywhere. The QuickBooks Support team is available for round the clock for the entire year. Although QuickBooks is highly efficient it comes with certain errors such as QuickBooks Error 6144 which hinders working on the software via computer or any other device. 

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 6144

  • Partial installation of QuickBooks.
  • Corrupted files of System or virus in the system.
  • Other applications interfering in the working of the files.

Resolve Error 6144 By The Following Steps 

  • Close QuickBooks on all the computers.
  • Prevent the working of antivirus by disabling it for a while on all the computers.
  • Go to start services on all the computers.
  • Perform the rest of the following steps on the main computer.
  • Change the type of Account.
  • Create a new folder with a QB name.
  • Move the company file or copy the file in this folder.
  • Check if the copying has been done correctly by first closing the folder and then reopening the folder. 
  • Form the rules of Firewalls. Do this step for all the computers.
  • Add Ports to the newly formed Outbound rules.
  • Now restore the file of the company on the main computer.
  • Now open the file of the company on all the other computers.
  • Access the files of the company from different computers.

The issue of QuickBooks error 6144 will get resolved now allowing you to access your files with ease. However, if the issue is not yet resolved then connect with the QuickBooks Customer Support for further technical assistance from highly qualified professionals for easy solutions in less time. The team of QuickBooks Support can be connected via phone calls, email, and live chats.  

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